Selling insurance plans

Gulf Coverage help to find ideal insurance packages that provide the perfect coverage, we also carry out comparison-shopping and manage huge portfolios to ensure clients receive the most reasonable deals possible, in addition to recommending plans that might lower the insurance costs.

Assessing risk

We assess different types of risks that insurance organizations may encounter, We also help clients understand these risks and how to manage them, also we help prospective clients know the limitations present in insurance policies and how to prepare accordingly to avoid losses.

Scheduling and attending meetings

We schedule and attend meetings with clients and insurers, these meetings helps us assess the client’s current and future needs while allowing us to build and maintain healthy relationships. In these meetings, we talk clients through their options, ensuring they understand their choices and ultimately help them choose ideal packages.

Keeping and maintaining records

We as Gulf coverage are in charge of keeping and maintaining client records, these records help prove that any advice provided is sufficient and appropriate in case of allegations. We explain bookkeeping requirements such as photos, receipts and medical records to clients, which are useful when filing claims.

Liaising between insurers and clients

Gulf Coverage acts as intermediary between clients and insurance providers, maintaining a clear flow of communication between both parties to facilitate and expedite claim processes. We normally update clients on claim decisions and inform them about the progress and status of their applications, also monitor and ensure clients and insurers settle claims smoothly.

Advising clients

We provide a range of insurance-related advice to all clients, a detailed analysis of current options available to customers and suggest possible options to pursue. We usually gather information from clients, such as their financial situation, financial product experience and objectives. Through this, we will be able to give the most appropriate advice regarding insurance products.

Handling administrative tasks

This includes corresponding with an insurer, managing existing policies, performing the enrollments on the policies. We carry the burden of daily transactions responsibilities on behalf of our clients and finalize it immediately.

Complying with legal requirements

Gulf Coverage comply with legal requirements and guidelines implemented by Saudi Central Bank. We have an  in-depth understanding of regulatory and legislative laws and always stay up-to-date with policy changes. we also ensure clients meet policy requirements and act in good faith to help clients find ideal policies for their needs.

General claims processing

Our main goal is to cover our clients from any possible loss. And in case an incident occurs, we make sure that we  put our client back in a position where he was before the claim. We have a professional team highly dedicated to  handle the occurring claims from day one until the settlement of the claim with no delays or rejections

Preparing reports for underwriters

These reports help insurance providers assess the risks and profitability associated with offering a policy to a client. This analysis applies to insuring a property, motor, or medical insurance. After knowing the risk involved, insurance organization then charge insurance premiums based on the amount of risk.

Premium installments’ flexibility

Usually and depending on the policy size, we offer a flexible mode of payments that meets the client’s expectations and financial stand. However, we sometimes extend the mode of payments by rescheduling the  payment terms if the client was not able to pay on time due to any possible reason.

Doctor on call 24/7

Gulf coverage have 2 inhouse doctors available around the clock to answer all your inquiries and assist you with  your approvals and claims promptly.